If you are a website owner and looking to bring some heavy traffic to your site, then YouTube is one of the best options available. It is a video streaming website that is among the top 5 websites in the world to be visited most. Now, it’s your job to extract the formulae to take full advantage of this platform. Let me guide you with some simple steps on how to advertise your campaign on YouTube with a viral response.

Create a YouTube account – Video marketing starts with creating an account on YouTube.

Video Making – The first step is video making. Think about the target audience i.e. the age group you consider to be watching mostly your video. They play a major role in the content of your video and what will be the storyline.

Keep it Real – Try to keep the video as real-situation as possible. This will help the user to connect with it easily. Keep the production cost on a lower side and don’t try too much variation. Keep it simple and steady.

X-Factor – Also, before trying a hand on your own video, do watch some other popular videos in the same niche and search out the “X-Factor” that has enabled such a success story for them.

Optimization :

SEO – When you are ready to post the video the second step is related to SEO. It includes title, description, tags, etc. Every video must be properly optimized before posting. It refers to adding a suitable title for the video that is being mostly searched by the users.

Keywords – Keywords must be used effectively in tags and description to reach as much audience as possible. After you are done with these steps, you are ready to post your video.

Marketing – The third step is marketing. Even if you have done well with your video, still you need to follow these steps to make it a total success because talent is worthless until it’s shown.

Use Popularity of other Videos – Sign in to your YouTube account and search for popular videos in the same niche. Watch those videos and leave comments at the bottom. While commenting, choose to post a video response and add the link to your video in the comment. So, everybody who watches that video will go through your link and might check out your video too.

Don’t Spam – Make sure your video is good enough so that they will come back later for more of your videos.

Embedded Videos – You can also embed your videos on your official websites. There is also a possibility of optimizing your website with the help of a YouTube video. Embed video in your website, and with the help of Google Website Optimizer and Google Analytics, you can find out which video works best.

Warning – However, you should be cautious that you are not using that embedded video with ‘auto-play’ option. Otherwise, that might irritate some of the users and they will never come back to your website.