Can you believe that the number of people living on the earth is roughly equal to the number of mobile devices in circulation in worldwide? Considering the penetration on internet and broadband and the number of people having access to a computer or mobile device, the above fact is practically true. Mobile app development is without doubt one of the fastest areas of development. With so many mobile app developers out there, how do you know who is the best or how do you find out how to choose one? Here are six factors of consideration:


1) Experience

Mobile applications, like Android phones, tablets, Blackberries, iPhones, iPads, and iPods have emerged not so long ago. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose a development company that has a relatively good experience in developing other kinds of software. You must consider how much experience the developer has in software development and mobile apps in particular.

2) Talent

Some developers are simple coders, a few others are designers, but the best ones are visionaries. Such developers easily and quickly understand your ideas for the app, have good experience with developing apps similar to yours, foresee results, and make suggestions for improvement. Choose a developer who can add to your business as a whole.

3) Primary Contact

App developers can be small companies, large enterprises or individuals. Discuss up front who your primary contact would be. The individual you have been talking to during the interview and assessment process must be the same one who would be working with you for development. Whoever you choose, ensure that you will never be the victim of a Bait and Switch. If you end up in an arrangement with a team leader who does not share your ideas of how the app should be, is not familiar with your business or is hard to understand, make sure you come up with a solution as early as possible.

4) References

Ask your potential developers if they can provide you with a list of references you can get in touch with. Refusal to do so is generally a negative sign. If they agree to share, get the contact information and permission to contact them. When you talk to a reference, do not ask them how the app works but rather, ask about their general experience of working with the developer. You can ask questions like whether the app turned out as expected, what steps the developer took to improve the app, were there any problems during development and if yes, how the issues were handled etc. The answers to these questions will give you vital clues on how the actual development experience is going to be.

5) Warranty

Software is complex and it is not uncommon for some bugs to be buried somewhere within. While most developers wash their hands clean as soon as development is complete, a few others may offer warranty.

6) Development Process

Discuss in detail with the developer on how their development process is like. Software development is a tricky process. Misinterpreting specifications and requirements can easily give way to cost overruns and delays.  An efficient developer will have a systematic process in place.

Discuss these aspects with your potential developer and turn your app idea into a great finished product.