Nothing has been revealed on the upcoming iPhone 5 from Apple but there have been several rumors regarding the hardware improvements in the upcoming Apple smartphone. Even though the hardware of the iPhone 5 is unknown, Apple did release some information on the upcoming iOS 6 firmware which will come with the iPhone 5. The iOS 6 will feature some major improvements and using this information, we now have some idea of what the iPhone 5 will be like.


Most Apple fans will be looking forward to a bigger screen while getting a high quality display in the iPhone 5. This is very likely due to the new Apple maps which will feature a 3D display. The realistic information and 3D navigation will require a superior display. Apart from that, the new firmware will also get some improvements in the Safari browser. The Apple web browser will now be able to read content offline and there have been rumors that the iPhone 5 will in terms of on screen reading and navigation which further suggests that the upcoming smartphone will feature a bigger and better screen. Also, the competition from HTC and Samsung will definitely lead to Apply increasing the size of the screen.


As the iOS 6 will feature FaceTime for regular calls, there is a high possibility that the iPhone 5 will feature the 4G LTE technology as it will be needed for video chats over regular phone calls.

Better Siri

The iOS 6 will feature an improved version of the popular Siri assistant for the iPhone. It has been one of the major reasons why most people opted for the iPhone 4S and there is a high possibility that the iPhone 5 will feature the improved version of Siri. Some of the improvements are likely to be in the support for more languages and more information on various topics.


As the iPhone 5 will come with FaceTime, there should be an improvement in the front camera of the smartphone. The front camera of the 4S wasn’t the best and with a better video chat feature, there is a high possibility that there will be a better front camera on the iPhone 5.

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