Mobile phones and computers have been around for a long time; however, tablets are getting really popular these days. The iPad and other android tablets are the perfect option for the features of a mobile phone along with the features of a computer. These portable and powerful devices are all over the market with several new tablets coming out in the summer including the Google Nexus 7 but the recent shock has been the newest upcoming offering from Microsoft. The Microsoft Surface is an upcoming tablet PC and is one of the hottest topics in the tech industry.  Not many Android tablets have done well against Apple’s iPad, however, the upcoming Microsoft tablet will surely try to get a greater market share. Announced in June, the surface tablet will have a lot to offer in terms of design and in terms of specifications.

Firstly, there will be 2 separate versions of the Surface with one using the Windows RT while other using the powerful windows 8 PRO Operating System. The Microsoft Surface will weigh only 1.5 pounds and will be one of the most lightweight tablets in the market. Apart from that, the tablet is quite thin as well with a thickness of only 9.3 mm.

The screen is also quite impressive and a fairly large 10.6 inch screen will provide a very clear and crisp display. The screen will feature a new HD Gorilla Glass 2, which will improve the sharpness of the screen tremendously. The tablet will also have USB 2.0 ports for portable devices.

Possibly one of the most unique features is the kickstand. This has been implemented in order to differentiate the Surface from other tablets currently present in the market. Even though the idea is quite simple, Microsoft worked really hard in order to get it right. Based on the model of the doors of a luxury car, the kickstand will add a very stylish look along with the easy for you to use the tablet. This will be the perfect feature for watching High Definition videos and movies.

The overall material used in order to create this stylish device is VaporMG. Microsoft claims that this particular magnesium makes the Surface look stylish while being strong at the same time. Also, this material adds to the light-being of the tablet.

Another unique thing, which will differentiate the Microsoft surface from other tablets, is the additional cover and keyboard. This is not an additional accessory and is carefully designed by professionals at Microsoft in order to provide a better typing experience. This new technology features a rubbery surface with all the keys that you will find on a normal keyboard while having a track pad at the same time. They claim that it will be much easier and faster to type on this cover keyboard rather than on the on screen keyboard. This will come with the tablet and there will be several colors to choose from.

The Microsoft surface promises to bring a high quality performance in the market while being a stylish device at the same time. With its sleek design and several unique features, the surface might just be the major competitor for the iPad. Other than that, Microsoft will look to start its Windows 8 reign with the release of a trademark Windows 8 tablet.