Canada is big. Technology is big. And the number of Tech firms in Canada is huge! Of course technology is the future so it comes as no surprise that companies specializing in the development and manufacturing of technology, or providing technology as a service, are on the increase. Advances in technology are happening so quickly that it’s often difficult to keep up with the changes and the new thinking. There are literally hundreds of companies we could talk about, but here are just 3 tech firms that are currently making waves in Canada.

1. Buddybuild, located in Vancouver. Founded in 2015 by Dennis Pilarinos, Christopher Stott and Johnny Shi, the company was recently bought by none other than that giant tech firm Apple. Buddybuild is devoted to mobile development, in terms of delivering a single, seamless system which will aid the process of app creation. The company insists it is firmly rooted in Vancouver, where it will remain and will serve as an anchor for Apple north of the border.

2. Deep Genomics, based in Toronto, was founded in 2014 by Brendan Frey, Andrew Delong, Hui Yuan Xiong and Hannes Bretschneider. The company has an impressive and exciting purpose; it is using artificial intelligence to build a new generation of life-saving genetic therapies. The claim is that ‘the future of medicine will rely on artificial intelligence, because biology is too complex for humans to understand’. It benefitted from a large financial input in 2017 and has plans to double the size of its team this year. Clearly one to watch.

3. is an it company Vancouver. Founded in 2014 by Jake Tyler, Natalie Cartwright and Guru Atlu, it recently partnered with ATB Financial to introduce a brand new initiative; a Facebook Messenger chatbot-based virtual banking assistant. With the aid of a fresh cash-input, is currently working with banks and financial institutions worldwide to change and improve the ways we interact with our bank. The new system will recognize patterns and connections that are beyond the comprehension of human beings. It would seem that artificial intelligence is the way forward!