There are a vast number of money management apps available in the App Store, these apps can manage your personal finances, investments, track your income and expenses and so on. They can also provide latest information on stocks. Before using any app you must ensure that you use the best app which can manage your money effectively. Here are a few financial apps for iPhone5 to manage your money:

Mint:With this application you can find information on all your transactions and balances on your smartphone, you can even visit mint website to acquire financial information.

This app is very simple and convenient to use and require one time setup. Few highlight features of this app are:

  • 128 bit encryption to secure your financial data
  • Enhances financial security with 24/7 protection
  • It reminds your upcoming payment such as mortgage, personal loan or payday loan
  • Notifies late fees
  • Easy budgeting

iStock Manager: iStockManager has coordinated with TD AMERTITRADE; this app provides easy and secure access to Ameritrade account. You can monitor different trading sectors and real time balances. You can even buy and sell your stocks. Few highlight features of this application are:

  • User can monitor from different sources like CNN money, Yahoo and Google finance
  • Ensures security
  • Displays funds available

Money Book: This is one of the best financial iPhone apps offering unique features with excellent user interface; this app acts like great tool that can effectively tracks your daily expenses. User can use 4 different options to track your expenditures– Expenses, overview, recurring and history. Few highlight features of this app are:

  • Manages income and expenses
  • Recurs monthly transactions
  • Backups and restore your data
  • Offers customized settings

Toshl: This application manages your personal finances with ease, it is safe to use and provides privacy. User has various options which include– Expenses tracker, Budget keeper, Currency converter, multiple device support, Bill organiser etc. Few highlight features of this application are:

  • Compares spending rate
  • Converts foreign currencies
  • You can access it from anywhere
  • Passcode protection option available
  • Visualises your finances

Bill Minder: This application simplifies all your bills by bringing different bills at one place; all you need to do is enter your bills with their due dates. This app will automatically remind you about the pending bills. Users can instantly find bills that are approaching or past due. Few highlight features of this app are:

  • Due date adjustments
  • Displays totals of your monthly spending
  • Supports push notifications
  • Automatic Backup available
  • Tracks expenses with charts and graphs

Check Book: This application helps in knowing how much balance is left in your bank account; you can also import banking records. It automatically downloads your data and also helps in scheduling the recurring transactions. Few highlight features of this app are:

  • Different options for user customization
  • Ensures privacy
  • Provides direct connect  feature

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