There’s a lot of information out there on how best to improve the SEO of your blog. With the market as flooded as it currently is, most people need a bit – or a lot – of help to make their Tech Blog stand out. There’s no point in putting a whole load of time, research and effort into your blog if no one’s going to read it! Our tips are:

1. First up – key words. As relevant today as they always were. But it’s not about getting as many keywords as you can into your blog. That can actually harm your SEO because search engines can spot over-use of keywords that are purely an attempt to increase your ranking. Also, it’s important to make your blog readable and for it not to feel forced or false. Making sure you’re answering the intent of your readers is also part of the ranking process these days. The best advice is to use phrases rather than individual words. These phrases, known as long-tail keywords, contain at least 3 words. Focus on one or two per blog. If you need help on which keywords to use and where you should place them, find the best SEO company you can and get their input.

2. Be careful with the use of topic tags. These are needed to help define your content of course and to guide people to your blog, but too many similar ones will be seen as duplication.

3. Links – both internal and external ones – are very important for your SEO. External links to your site will tell search engines that it’s popular, valid and relevant. Internal links – to other pages on your site – are not only useful and informative for your readers but they also highlight other important pages and content to search engines.

4. It’s a good idea to make sure your tech blog is mobile-friendly. These days, more people use their mobile phones to search for information than they do their computers. Search engines have caught on to this of course and now display mobile-friendly sites first for searches done on a mobile phone.

5. Make sure your images are appropriately optimized. Search engines can’t ‘see’ images so you need to include something called ‘alt text’. Alt text is added to an image tag in HTML; it gives both the search engine and the reader a good idea of what the image will contain and will aid your rankings.