With the holidays just around the corner, finding the perfect present for your loved ones can be quite the struggle. It seems like in this day and age, everyone is already equipped with the latest toys and gadgets so what do you get the generation that already has everything? Everyone from grandma to your six-year-old nephew seems to already have a cool new device attached to his or her hands! With your limited time, and tight budget, what gifts can you get for the whole Christmas list that guarantees utility, creativity, and personalization?

Here’s an idea, vinyl skins! More specifically, skins made of precisely cut, 3M vinyl, fitted to support and protect anything from smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, and even gaming consoles and controllers. It’s more than likely that every member on your Christmas list already has one of these various electronic items, and if they do, you can bet they’ll want to keep that expensive device safe and stylish.

Although it may seem like a gift of simplicity, 3M-vinyl skins go above and beyond any other gifts you may have in mind for all your tech-savvy friends and relatives. Skins keep their devices safe from potential damages like drops, spills, and scratches. They can even help maintain a high resell value if they ever decide to swap their old device for a new one. Although technology has advanced incredibly over the last few decades, and the average smartphone may be able to call, email, and take photos – it isn’t life-proof. Accidents happen, and it’s always great to have the peace of mind that if a mishap does occur, their devices will be safe.


Most importantly, it allows for individuality, which your friends and family will absolutely love! These skins are made from a lightweight, slim vinyl material that allows for unique customization, without the bulkiness of a case. What makes these devices modern are their sleek features, and this can be impaired if it’s buried under a colossal, cumbersome case! A vinyl skin will look great while maintaining the weightless, minimalism of any device. The ability to design a skin according to the unique personality of those on your listallows your loved ones to standout in a sea of identical smartphones and other miscellaneous devices.

To get started on your skin-inspired gifts, go search out the best online retailers. You won’t find any worthwhile styles or dependable protection from those kiosks that pop-up in the malls this time of year. While you’re doing your research, figure out what device each person owns. Then visit the retailer that can offer a skin for every smartphone. When you buy your holiday gifts at dbrand.com/shop, it won’t matter what device they call their own. They keep on top of the latest releases and have skins for even the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus or Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X. Whether or not iPhone skins or Nexus skins are what you need, you’ll find it on their website.

Get everyone on your Christmas list excited with 3M vinyl skins! They’re perfect for under the tree and stuffing stockings. Mix and match colours, sizes, and designs. There’s no way your family and friends won’t love them!